Our vision

True Autonomy

How do you see the future? We believe that in less than ten years, four-legged robots will perform all dangerous inspections, conduct routine monitoring at industrial plants and provide 3D mapping of any facility without human interaction.

We believe autonomy is key. And we aim to be the first to provide legged robots with true autonomy to perform all these tasks.

Are you ready for the next evolution of robotics?

Let us introduce you to Keyper

Keyper is our four-legged robot ready to navigate through any environment to inspect and map.

With our DARPA winner technology, just tell Keyper what needs to be mapped or inspected and Keyper will work autonomously without human interaction. Keyper is ready to coordinate with other Keypers to distribute its tasks.

Do you want to know more about Keyper? Contact us and we will keep you posted.

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