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Our Autonomous Robot-Dog

Meet Keyper



Autonomous Operator

  • Conducts autonomous inspections, monitoring the facilities
  • Follows predefined paths for routine patrolling inspections
  • Navigates autonomously to any point indicated on the 3D map
  • Can be easily teleoperated through real-time images


Enhancing Your Team

  • Provides visual, thermal, and acoustic insights to keep all aspects of your facillities under control
  • Conducts inspections during operation, maximizing uptime
  • Increases inspection accuracy


Real-time Alerts With AI

  • Detects thermal anomalies, gas and steam leaks & identifies potential hazards
  • Reads digital & analogic instruments
  • Detects changes on predetermined parameters
  • Reports incidents detected in real time


Decision Making and Task Planning

  • Reacts to environmental changes and decides on actions and best routes
  • Executes complex tasks
  • Coordinates and distributes missions with other Keypers

1st Prize

DARPA Robotics Challenge

Keybotic’s technology has been recognized worldwide with the 1st prize of the prestigious DARPA Robotics Challenge

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